Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shuffle 3

1. The Stooges-I Want To Be Your Dog: A classic! A fucking classic! A great riff that serves as a template for punk rock past preset and future. It's become a punk rock standard with many covers, but the original is the standout, due in no small part to Iggy's intense vocal performance and an awesome solo by the recently deceased Ron Asheton

2. Radio Birdman-Murder City Nights: Australia's first punk band with a killer rocker here. I love the vaguely tropical introductions. (in an interesting note, the Radio Birdman took their name from an oft misheard Stooges lyric.) Another good guitar solo. It should be noted that punk's lack of guitar solos can be traced directly to the Ramones, and the style perpetrated by them. Most other bands around that time had solos, though of varying quality.

3. Curtis Mayfield-Freddie's Dead:Great funk from the Superfly soundtrack (good movie, better soundtrack). Curtis Mayfield is one hell of an arranger, stacking strings, horns, guitars atop a killer baseline to make a great song.

4.Guided By Voices-Hardcore UFO's: In one of my other shuffles I discussed bad GbV songs. This is one of the good ones. Off Bee Thousand, which some people consider a landmark album, it's a much more fleshed out song with a reel hook.

5. Van Morrison-I Will Be There: I like Van Morrison, but I haven't really listened to him enough to absorb him into my consciousness the way I have with other artists. So I can't really say more than, this is a good song with a good vocal performance and a cool saxophone solo. Van's kind of going for a lounge singer/Frank Sinatra kind of vibe here.

6.Van Morrison-Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile): Weird, not only two Van songs back to back, but off the same album (St. Dominic's Preview) no less. I like this one better than the last, but both are good. This is a more R&B, uptempo style than the last.

7.Black Flag-Clocked In: When in comes to Black Flag, I prefer the First Four Years material with Keith Morris better. I guess I prefer his style to Henry Rollin's macho posturing. Great quick hardcore song about hating work, with excellent guitar work by Gregg Ginn.

8. Cleveland Bound Death Sentence-Drain; Short song by Cleveland Bound Death Sentence a punk group featuring one of the guys from Dillinger 4 and Aaron Cometbus of a lot of bands and his venerable zine. Pretty catchy song that's over before it can get boring.

9. Manhattans-The Feeling is Mutual: The Numero Group's Eccentric Soul comps are great collections of soul songs from obscure, defunct never-successful labels across the U.S. This is from the Big Mack label. Kind of derivative and amateurish, but that gives it a certain charm.

10.Isaac Hayes-I Stand Accused:Issac Hayes pioneered the epic length soul song. This begins with a monologue delivered over a steady chord progression, but this gets monotonous after about four minutes. Then he starts singing, and it gets good. Female backup singers come in, horns blare, strings swell. If you can make it through the monologue then it's an enjo


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