Thursday, March 26, 2009


"I call this meeting of The Society of Historically Relevant Eleanors to order." Eleanor Roosevelt said, striking the gavel on the table. Eleanor of Aquitaine, Eleanor Marx, Eleanor Boardman and Eleanor Bridgewater stopped their chatting and turned to pay attention to the president of their society, whom just having been voted into that position of authority was quite enjoying the exercise of it.
"What is the first item on the agenda?" Eleanor of Aquitaine asked politely, for she was a lady and always asked things politely.
"We will discuss the petition for a new member." Eleanor Roosevelt replied.
"Yippee!"Eleanor Boardman exclaimed.
Eleanor Bridgewater looked at her crossly, because, seriously who says Yippee?
"Who is this prospective member?" Eleanor of Aquitaine asked, attempting to re-inject some manner of civility into the proceedings.
"Eleanor Rigby."
"Who?" Eleanor Marx asked.
"Eleanor Rigby, she was the star of a Beatles song." Eleanor Roosevelt said. "Her grave is very popular and there's a statue of her."
"Is that all it takes to get membership in The Society of Historically Relevant Eleanors?" Eleanor Marx asked, somewhat annoyed.
"Do you have a statue?" Eleanor Roosevelt asked sharply. Eleanor Marx sulked quietly.
"Excuse me." Eleanor Bridgewater said, somewhat timidly, for she did not often speak up at these meetings. "But Eleanor Rigby is not a real person."
"But, she has a statue." Eleanor of Aquitaine said.
"She's not real. She's just a fictional character."
"Wait a minute, who exactly are you?" Eleanor Marx asked.
"Huh?" Eleanor Bridgewater said, trying to ignore the question and hoping the others would follow suit.
They did not.
"Yes dear, tell us why you are historically relevant."
"Um, well. You see...."
"I don't think you are historically relevant. I think you're a fictional character." Eleanor Marx sneered.
There was a pause. Everyone turned and looked at Eleanor Bridgewater. She quietly got up and left. A moment after she had gone, Eleanor Roosevelt struck the gave and said, "Meeting adjourned!"

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Blogger Miriam said...

Why isn't my Eleanor a member of the Society of Historically Relevant Eleanors? The workers are never adequate represented in history.

This historical perspective brought to you by Charles Beard.

(Who oddly enough I remember from high school history. God bless you, Miss MckKay.)

6:45 AM  

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