Thursday, March 05, 2009

Breakfast Chat

A la Chiltingham, this dialogue features 1 and 2

1: You know what you don't hear much about anymore, a land flowing with milk and honey. You hear about milk. I have milk on my cereal all the time--but not so much about honey.
2: I guess since sugar cane became a cash crop, originally thanks to the global disgrace of slave labor,it's been the preferred sweetener.
1: Oh.
2: Although, really it's all about the high-fructose corn syrup now.
1: Land flowing with milk and corn syrup. I'm going to put milk and corn syrup on my cereal.
2: Don't.
1: I'm going to.

2: How is it?
1: Eh.
2: Are you going to eat it?
1: I'm not going to throw out a perfectly good bowl of cereal flowing with milk and corn syrup. In this economy.
2: No.

This post is an installment in a continuing series of content coordinated by theme or motif with posts from Enoch Allred of Chiltingham, John Allred of clol Town, Jon Fairbanks of Funkadelic Freestylings of Another Sort, Eli Z. McCormick and Miriam Allred of Modern Revelation!, John D. Moore of Whatnot Studios, Joseph Schlegel of Sour Mayonnaise, Sven Patrick Svensson of Sadness? Euphoria?, William C. Stewart of Chide, Chode, Chidden, and WiL Whitlark of The Real McJesus. This week's theme: 'Prosperity'.


Blogger Logan said...

So many cereals have corn syrup in them as it is.

9:21 PM  

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