Thursday, April 23, 2009

Greatest Day Ever

Amanda and Steve are at a couple’s seminar. Rachael, the seminar leader, has asked everyone to write about their greatest day ever. Steve pokes Amanda, whispering.
Steve: What did you put?
Amanda: The day Jason was born.
Steve snorts.
Amanda: What?
Steve: So that’s it? Our greatest day as a couple, and it was all about Jason.
Amanda: Rachael just said to write about our best day ever. She didn’t say anything about couples.
Steve: This is a couple relationship building exercise. Consider the mother-fucking context. You were totally out of it when you were in labor anyway. If you want to get all mommymential, you should put the day after Jason was born.
Amanda: I wasn’t out of it. I remember every detail. It was a wonderful day, our child’s first day on earth.
Steve: Yeah. Personally, I think that you should have some coherent, pleasant memories of your greatest day ever, but that’s just me.
Amanda: Fine. I’ll put the day after Jason was born.
Steve: You really weren’t yourself for at least a week.
Amanda: So?
Steve: So, personally, I think that you should be yourself on your greatest day ever.
Amanda: Fine.
Amanda scribbled out what she had written, and scrawled, “Greatest day ever = eight days after my baby was born.”
Steve: That’s better. You’ll be glad you thought that through.
Amanda: Yeah. What did you put for your greatest day?
Steve: Doris.

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Steve is an admirable asshole (unlike Glenn Beck).

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