Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reality Post

I’ve had the idea for a blog for a long time, gestating in my brain like a stubborn fetus, refusing to come out. I always put it off., saying “I’ll wait until I move out, get a new job and my life gets more interesting.”

There were stories on the internet about how prospective employers would google you and read your blog, so I was going to wait. I did consider making a fake blog where I talked about my various charitable activities and other philanthropic feats. Maybe a miracle or two.

Another hold up was a name for the blog.

But, you see, internet friends, my life isn’t any more interesting than it was a few months ago. This isn’t any kind of pity-mongering or an attempt to illicit e-sympathy, just a statement of fact.

I graduated from college over a year ago. It was a bit of a surprise, I thought I had an extra semester or so. So without, any clue, or really any burning ambition in my field, I set about searching for that proverbial “real job”. I ended up working at retail giant Dillard’s, which made me fucking miserable, maybe I’m an asshole who’s not cut out for customer service, but I couldn’t help thinking, as I helped soccer moms and their spoiled sons pick out clothes, that I am way fucking smarter than these people, what the fuck am I doing here.

Living in my parent’s basement didn’t help either. And maybe I should’ve changed majors, but I’m young so such worries are a bit premature.

Now I have that real job, one tangentially related to my career. Did I expect things to get more exciting, like something hatching from a fucking egg or some other equally ridiculous nature metaphor. Probably not. I guess you have to make your own excitement, and I’m fucking lazy.


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