Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back in the SLC With the O.G

Hatch is Back!

Or at least will be for another six years come election day. Ironic that when he first camapigned it was on a "new blood" platform. Thirty years later, he's still holding strong. Still holding fast to his rigid party dogma.

And it looks like more of the same will be forthcoming. Democratic candidate Pete Ashdown doesn't stand much of a chance to unseat the venerable incumbant. So it appears that we will continue to "stay the course", in this the state that bleeds the most conservative.

Hatch was on the locally produced NPR program "Radio West" today, and gave us the standard party rhetoric, and talked about being a tough guy but a sensetive guy. Thankfully he didn't sing.

It seems that since his re-election is pretty much in the bag, the only visible evidence of his campaign are some horribly narscissitic billboards that are displayed around town. And by town I mean Utah.

There are others with similar buzzwords like "clout" and "bold". His mother must be so proud.

Well at least he supports stem-cell research.

And we can all take comfort that Rick Samtorum is going to lose.


Blogger Yarjka said...

I hate the signs. I'd rather he sing.

8:04 PM  

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