Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I guess its that time again. Time for the U.S Army to once again attempt to reposition intself to appeal to a new generation of apathetic youth. And with that comes a new slogan. A new slogan that can adorn stickers and other free swag given away by recruiters at high school and the Warped Tour. We had the iconic "Be All That You Can Be" and the passable "Army of One", but the newest slogan tops them all in idiocy.

Two words.
Hardly a sentance.

Army Strong.

Yes that's it, a $200 million dollar a year contract with Ad agency McCann Worldwide (for whom my roommate works!) and this is how they expect to bolster recruitment numbers.
I can only imagine the conversation went something like this:

GENERAL: Jenkins! Numbers are down, how do get kids to come fight and furthur our hegemonic ambitions.

JENKINS: Well the kids do like the Hulk

No one is going to join the army now.

Read more about it here!

Watch the lauch video! (If you dare, it's just like every army comercial ever)


Blogger Vincent said...

Me Army. Army strong. Army get angry. Army smash!

12:25 AM  

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