Saturday, October 04, 2008

Prague Day 1

The first day of our (our being myself and my girlfriend Miriam, for those readers who are unaware) vacation in Prague was spent mostly in transit, we left Saturday at noon and arrived Sunday at two, having endured the disconcertion that goes with a trans-Atlantic flight and having the days contort in odd ways.

The nine hour flight was mostly insufferable, in they way that being in a cramped space that is too cold for nine hours is. Little sleep was had. The in flight movies were Kung Fu Pands (which I watched on the return flight), Made of Honor (which is bland to the point of barely existing, though it is a movie seemingly designed for air travel) and Then She Found Me (AKA Helen Hunt Gets and Ultrasound).

Eventually we arrived in Prague, 3 PM on Sunday, weary but excited.

We rented a small apartment in the heart of old town Prague for an incredibly affordable rate (though all in all, Prague was suprisingly affordable).

It was pretty cozy, despite the fact the we couldn't get the gas heater to work. Despite our tiredness we decided to do some exploring.

Havelska street, right outside our apartment. There was a market where people sold a variety of goods.

The St. Nicholas Church, I believe. Though Prague's streets are filled with many beautiful building worthy of having there picture taken.

A traditional Czech meal. The dumplings are quite tasty. This is the only food I took a picture of. Overall the food was quite good. I particularly enjoyed the roated duck I had one night. Also, gelato is the preferred type of ice cream (or zmrzlina), and it is far superior to regular ice cream.

Street performer, marionettes are kind of a big deal there.

Týn Church

Jan Hus monument in Old Town Square

Powder Tower

We went to bed at the ridiculous time of 8, and slept 12 hours.
Tomorrow: Prague Castle!


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Blogger Volker The Fiddler said...

You Praguolodyte! Looks fun, though, I can't wait for Prague Castle. Also, though I may regret saying this, I imagine a heater was not required, and that all involved stayed plenty warm.

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