Thursday, May 28, 2009


They sat in the car, waiting. Neither wanted to make the first move, to set into action the plan they had spent all night talking about. They would just as well have sat in the car all night, listening to the faint breeze of a radio turned too low. Barely audible whispers of songs. Then Sam turned to Jeff and said:"Are we going to do this."
Jeff replied: "Yes.""
"When?" Sam asked.
"Do you really want to do this?"
"Of course, I wouldn't have dragged you here at this hour if I was going to pussy out."
"Do you think doing this will make you feel better?"
"I know it won't make me feel better."
"Then why do it?"
"I just have to."

This post is an installment in a continuing series of content coordinated by theme or motif with posts from Enoch Allred of Chiltingham, John Allred of clol Town, Jon Fairbanks of Funkadelic Freestylings of Another Sort, Eli Z. McCormick and Miriam Allred of Modern Revelation!, John D. Moore of Whatnot Studios, Davey Morrison, Joseph Schlegel of Sour Mayonnaise, Sven Patrick Svensson of Sadness? Euphoria?, and William C. Stewart of Chide, Chode, Chidden. This week's theme: 'Vengeance'.


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