Wednesday, November 15, 2006

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In the past few weeks several prominant albums have found their way onto the internet filesharing channels. Theses albums have release dates ranging from next Tuesday to early next year.

Still, almost every Tuesday I venture to the record store to pick up the latest new releases and any thing else that might interest me.

Don't think I'm some angel, preaching about the evils of file-sharing. I'm no finger-shaking, tsk-tsking seraphin admonishing the youth for loading thier ipods with free music. I 'm no crusader for the artist. Honestly, I get as excited as the next dude, queing up on soulseek, when I find out something great has leaked early. But I'll still show up at the store on the release date to get it.

Not because I fell I owe the store, the artist or the label. I enjoy the tactile sensation, unwrapping the record, leafing through the liner notes, reading the lyrics, etc. etc. The wall of CD's in my room is a testament to it.

I do have a problem with the rash of file-sharing that has come upon the internet, as if it had spent an evening with a unclean woman. It's too easy. Gone are days of going to record stores, leafing through the shelves, impusle buying because something looks cool.

You can become an instant expert on any genre or band in a single night. And I'm guilty of this myself. Downloadng the influences and similar bands to those that I've just recently discovered.
It seems inauthentic, the possibility of becomming instantly familiar with any genre or band overnight. It takes away from the sense of community that music had in the past. We can talk about the internet community, but is the rash of Myspace-trend-hopping copycat bands really the same as the New York punk scene of '77?

By the way. Jay-Z should have stayed retired.


Blogger Patrick said...

I understand completely your want for the complete product, liner notes, cover art and all. I'm not the same with musics... to me, it begins and ends at the music; everything else I can find on the Internet. But, there's no way, no way, I'm gonna pirate movies for the exact same reasons you cite. It's not for any financial support for the companies or artists... it's because I like my films to look like they've had care put into them. A bit of corporate sweat: a polished cover, suitable menus and extras, etc.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Yarjka said...

I love my cd collection. I love my dad's record collection. I may never listen to his albums, but they're there, and I can learn a lot about the man by perusing his once-beloved treasures.

8:05 PM  

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