Saturday, September 20, 2008


Dear Readers,
Going to Prague for a while. I'll post pix when I return.
Eli McCormick

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Notes 09/09/08

1. Tabloids should lay off Destiny Hope "Miley" "Hannah Montana" Cyrus. At least until she turns 20. If I were the petition making type I would make a petition.

2. Saw Bob Dylan a week ago. It was a very good show, his band was tight, his voice gravelly, the rain cold and wet. Still, it was well worth it.

3. I don't much like seeing Sarah Palin on every magazine cover at the supermarket check out line. Especially odious is the US Weekly cover, wherein her digitally enhanced smile looks like the gaping mouth of hell, threatening to swallow us whole.

4. Ten thousand words (20 pages) seems to be the cut-off/abandonment point when writing a novel. Or, more aptly, it is the point where, because no plot has developed, I set it to the side to ponder. But having done this twice before, I can now pick one of those up to work on.

And This:

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hilarious Joke, as found on a Laffy Taffy Wrapper III

Q: What do they call extreme nationalism in the north pole?

A: Jinglism

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Certain Horrible Thing Revisited

A few posts back I wrote about The House Bunny. This past Saturday, in a haze of madness, I viewed this film.

I slapped my head in dumbfounded disgust more than I laughed. It must be said, however, that my suppositions about The House Bunny and it's place within the Movie College genre were wrong. Mostly because the characters and the sexuality in the film weren't of the adult nature that usually occupied such films. Instead the characters acted like twelve or thirteen year olds. With a definite awareness of sex, but a childish view of what it actually was.

The girls of the Zeta house where the titular Bunny goes spend all day pining away, hoping for the attention of boys and the other trappings that come with the ephemeral quality of "cool". Then when they get made over, it is with a unbearably gaudy style that looks like something out of Bratz: The Movie ( a far superior and much more interesting film, perhaps the topic of a future post). The House Bunny, finally realizes her dream and gets to be a centerfold, but in an alternate world where centerfolds don't take off their clothes and cleavage passes for titilation.

Oliver, the love interest of the Bunny, is the only adult in the film. And, as the audience, we empathize most with his incredulity at the actions of those who surround him.

The movie offends both genders throughout the second act, with its tired ideas of men not being attracted to smart women, men only wanting women who are wanted by others, women needing to dumb themselves down to seem attractive.

So the House Bunny was a movie in which hilarity does not ensue, and the only lesson to be learnt is not to waste one's money on such rubbish.