Sunday, September 23, 2007


For writers of the current era, hitting delete doesn't have the dramatic weight of burning your hated manuscript.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


It's recently been brought to my attention that I've revealed little lately, given that this blog is called Modern Revelation I shall attempt to rectify this with some random thoughts that may or may not yield some insight. Or something like that.

1. I got a new job, also considering grad school.

2. I like the new Kanye West album. He's still a mediocre rapper, but he makes up for it with good songs and beats that feature esoteric samples from the likes of Steely Dan and Can. (Seriously Can?! Fucking Can!?!) Who'd have thought that a song called Drunk and Hot Girls would be good.

3.Netflix is pretty badass. The randomness of one's queue can lead to fun double features like Air Bud1 and L'age D'or.

4. Apparently my ears are really hairy.

1. So it occurred to me while watching Air Bud that it could be like this ultimate american coming of age story, wherein a boy grows up and faces all the trials of growing up and shit, accompanied by his faithful dog who just happens to be good at every sport. The actor who plays the main character does appear in three others, but I doubt it does much of what I'm talking about. (Interestingly enough Kevin Zegers
played the bisexual hustler son of Felicity Huffman in Trannsamerica) It also occurs to me that I should learn the proper HTML tag for superscript and subscript.