Thursday, August 13, 2009


"What your name?" The little boy asked the giant of a man who was sitting at the picnic table in the park, a vast feast arrayed before him.
'I am called Grumbleguts, young squire."
A magpie flew down and landed on the fence close by, watching the table where Grumbleguts sat.
"Why are you called that."
"Tis a rank I have obtained through diligent discharge of my duties."
"Can I be a Grumbleguts?" The boy asked.
"I am afraid I am the only one who has ever attained that rank."
Before he could respond the boy was called away by his mother. Grumbleguts began feasting again with gusto. The magpie continued to observe him. Though Grumbleguts tried to ignore him, he couldn't.
Finally when he could take it no longer he shouted: "Why must you vex me so, King of Magpies? Can you not see that I am cursed?"
The Magpie flew way.

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